Urban Forum Almaty

November 10th - 13th, Almaty, Kazakhstan


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Atomik Architecture was involved in the development and organisation of the inaugural Urban Forum Almaty, which was held at the Academy of Sciences, Almaty in November 2015

The theme for URBAN FORUM ALMATY 2015 was Identity; the understanding of Almaty’s similarities, differences and special features compared to other cities both in Kazakhstan and internationally.

The goal of URBAN FORUM ALMATY was to create a platform for dialogue between representatives of different interest groups, whose activities are closely connected with the city and its development.

During the forum aspects that shape the identity of the city were considered:

– Brand and Positioning

– History and Strategy

– Infrastructure and Attractions

– Urban Community and co-operation of groups of influence.

The Forum was a huge success and will now become an annual fixture in the city’s calendar.  In addition to the Forum a separate series of events and competitions have been launched to encourage citizens to put forward proposals to make their city a better place to live.

The Forum was run in partnership with the following organisations:
– Soros Foundation
– British Council
– Chevron
– Etage
– Geothe Institut
– Clique Film Fest
– Kazakhstan Press Club

Visit the official website at: urbanforum.kz for more information about current events and projects.