Tsenye Draper


26 Shacklewell Lane
London, E8 2NG
+44 (0) 207 923 3091



Tsenye Draper, Associate
BES, M.Arch

Tsenye’s design approach is rooted in a passionate understanding of historical social and cultural contexts. Her masters thesis set out design guidelines to reconnect communities that were left disjointed after the retreat of heavy industry in 1980s North America.

Whilst in North America she was involved in a large scale waterfront regeneration project in Thunder Bay on the Northern tip of Lake Superior. A project that reanimated the city waterfront creating the foundation for use of the lakefront for recreation, arts projects and connecting the current residents to the aboriginal culture.

Tsenye also has experience in the development of modular building prototypes to deliver quick assembly new primary schools to rural areas at very low cost and with almost zero waste.