The Ostend Beach Spectacular

Competition for winter beach use

Proposal - Copy
We propose a Beach Walk that will grow and develop year on year. The Beach Walk will be a beacon for the town and tourists alike. It will be internationally spectacular, yet it will be intrinsically community focused bringing together people of all ages, ability and nationality.

A phased approach to the development of the Beach Walk would ensure a sustainable approach to growth. In the first phase a landmark project should be considered to spark interest and generate a cultural buzz. This first phase could hang around a landscape form, a building, a pier, or an inaugural arts festival.

Once established other new elements can be hung onto the concept to grow the winter attraction to bring people back to Ostend year after year to experience the delights of the Beach Walk and to enjoy the unique offer of Ostend.

The Beach Walk and temporary events could include:
•Beach Cafe – an architectural gem hosting the best chefs and cuisine that Belgium has to offer and is famed the world over for.
•An international wind-powered light festival to illuminate the Beach Walk during the long moonlit winter nights.
•The annual flag festival – a community event to bring local, national and international people together to create their own unique flags, which will mark out the route of the Beach Walk. The winning flag will be adopted by Ostend as its insignia for a year.
•A winter bathing station to host the more intrepid swimmer.
•Hot tub outdoor cinema and spa
•A new architectural Lifeguard Station that becomes a wedding and event venue in winter
•A fitness trail for an aging population
•The venue for the world Metal Detectorist Championships