Cambridge Silver Street Toilets

Competition Finalist







Our concept for the new Silver Street public toilets is to create an experience for the visitor which is of the quality expected as a first stop into Cambridge. The Concept does not attempt to hide away the faculties, as is the case with the existing toilets, we have developed a concept which celebrates this piece of high quality public infrastructure.

A unique double height space is created for the visitor, rising up out of
the below ground toilets.

At the below ground level, the perimeter of the space is lined with individual
toilet cubicles. Each pair of these has its own access point which allows for
easy servicing. This incredibly efficacy layout utilises the existing basement
area and creates 19No individual, unisex cubicles.

At the foot of the stairs sits a large washbasins, a trough which allows for
multiple visitors to the use at once. This allows for the steady flow of
visitors at busy points and removes bottlenecks in the flow of people.
Above ground this double height space reaches up to create a single storey
structure on the bridge. The perimeter of this offers outside seating with
views over the river and the city. This is a place for the for visitor to stop
when waiting for friends and family and take in the city around them. It also
a place to be entertained by the students promoting the punting tours.