Principles for creating a comfortable city

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A vision for the transformation of an Almaty street.

Public transport:

We see a polycentric city of Almaty, in which communication between areas is provided through a robust system of public transport. Reduced motor vehicles will reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere.


Increased proximity reduces stress on urban transport infrastructure, including public and private transport. Focus on the development of urban neighborhoods centers will help to avoid spontaneous “sprawl” in the territory of Almaty.

Improving the quality  of the buildings:

Modernization of existing buildings increase energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs. New homes must also be built according to higher standards and requirements.

The right to a view

Everyone has the right of access to the panorama of the mountains.

Clearer visibility of the streets:

Clean streets, neatly arranged green spaces along the pedestrian zone significantly change the image of the urban space.

Priorities of the transport system:



Public transport

Electric vehicles


Freight transport



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