Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum

Competition Winning Scheme


A competition winning scheme for the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Forum. The Jury commented:

Atomik’s bold and distinctive proposal was based on a striking repeating semi-circular motif to the exterior of their buildings. The proposals take account of the surroundings and attempted to ‘soften the sharp edges of the master planned block,’ by ‘tapering and stepping up’ the building. The massing of the structure and its characteristic outline frame views and routes around the site.

The thinking behind internal elements of the Atomik Architecture proposal, in particular the generous layouts of the flats, also impressed judges. The guideline unit outline was adjusted, so that each would ‘span the width of the building to gain views, and ventilation, from both sides.’ This dual aspect arrangement was done to improve ventilation, light and views. Furthermore, every unit had a garden, and the project was tenure-blind. Judges were impressed by the potential quality of the flats in this entry that these features would ensure.

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