Morpeth Road Homes

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On arriving home one enters the vestibule, hanging up their a jacket, storing away their umbrella, putting down their keys and sitting on a built-in bench to take off their shoes. Moving from this low enclosure natural light pours in from above to signalling the entrance to the living space. The living room, dining and kitchen are defined spatially by their ceiling heights. The space then opens out to a south facing courtyard. It’s boundary wall just high enough to screen views from the existing neighbours. As the sun warms this outside space air is drawn in through the home from the windows on the north side. These are set above head height to let in light and air but not to erode privacy.

A thick timber wall forms a spine with built in shelves, a fold away desk, the staircase and also silently hiding the washing machine. Upstairs the bedroom is lined with deep cupboards and leads out to a second courtyard. These stepping courtyards provide a deep facade, at the end of the gardens, when viewed from the existing terraces. Perhaps over time maturing with planting themselves.