A traveling studio for artists



1. A hearth is positioned in the wilderness.


2. A place for artists and visitors to sit together around a fire, to drink tea. The experience erodes barriers between the two, encouraging conversation and observation. The hearth is central to the artist’s space.


3. The flatpack framework unfolds as a series of curved ribs around a central pivot where the hearth is situated. The ribs fan outwards in a radial pattern. The artist controls the widths between each rib of the framework. Their choices define the desired views and size of aperture. They choose how much they want to see and be seen.


4. Sweet chestnut timber strips are woven through the framework setting the views and openings in the enclosure’s skin and forming an alluring object in the landscape. An inner fabric enclosure is hung.


5. Packed away for transport to a new site

The proposal has made it though to the projects long list. More information can be found on the organisers site lookinlookout.org and bbc.co.uk

Anne Marie O’Sullivan -Basketmaker
Annie Slack – Silversmith