Kabanbai Batyr Street

Urban Realm Project for AB Restaurants, Almaty


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We were commissioned by AB Restaurants in Almaty to produce a feasibility study for the transformation of Kabanbai Batyr Street, between Panifilova and Furmanova.  The brief required us to should consider the following aspirations:

  • Propose a strong, recognizable, and distinctive design of the street;Develop a unique style for the street furniture and lighting;
  • Demonstrate to the city how the streets can be improved with a modest budget well considered design;
  • Adress the rain water drainage system;
  • Create an inviting atmosphere
  • Encourage citizens to reclaim the space occupied by the roads;
  • Apply current best practice urban design principles;
  • Consider seasonal variations;
  • Unite the various AB Restaurant sites through the design of the urban realm.

Key Recommendations

The foundations for making Kabanbai Batyr Street a special destination exist within the city already. Making the best of these elements and celebrating the things that make Almaty unique is the key to creating space that will stand the test of time. Showing the potential for a more benficial usage of the space.

  • Remove the barriers for pedestrian access
  • Limit the numbers of steps and changes in level where topography allows. Improve connections to other streets at junctions to encourage footfall along your street.
  • Make the street at ground level more visible
  • Manage the trees better. Prune them to encourage shade at high levels but allow views through to the shops fronts and street-scape at ground levels – reveal the activity.
  • Reclaim the Street
  • The area used for street parking should be re-designated as a shared surface. Pedestrian activity should be prioritised. The parking area could be a shared with a weekly activity such as a street market.
  • Unify the pavement
  • Have a single vision for the treatment of the pavement. This will provide a mechanism for unifying the whole street. Consider a unique treatment of the surface with a detail or over-arching pattern to help define the street. Build the street according to best practice building methods. Improve existing drainage with a solution that avoids flooding, making it easier to walk along the street during wet weather.
  • Remove the clutter.
  • Remove all unnecessary, redundant and dilapidated street furniture.
  • Integrate street furniture from the start