Duck soup





Bronze letters pivot out from the Groucho Club wall. When all closed, the weathered bronze lettering remains discreet with only the shadow of the joints and polished bronze key holes alluding to something beyond. Once open however, the letters reveal a richer, glowing, polished bronze finish to the hidden panelling inside. The use of the material creates a subtle interaction with the existing streetscape and one which is highly appropriate to the regard of the Groucho Club. The type face employed mimics that of the club and is perfect for this application; the pivoting letters possessing thickened, perforated edges allowing any standard bike lock to be secured. The letters open to 60 degrees allowing the bicycles to be stored so as to minimise disruption to pedestrians and as the letters pivot a cog triggers a hidden bicycle bell encouraging users to close the letters after use. Bicycles could be secured to both sides of the lettering, allowing 16 bicycles on a busy day.

Mark Swinburne