Dropping Slow

Competition for an Installation for Yeats 2015

PortalYeatsDSC_0371DSC_0363Site Plan

We approach the Isle by skiff; the timber portal is seen linking lough to the foliaged island edge. The portal is entered, the skiff moored, and we are transported to the Isle of Innisfree, through a conduit, ‘the roadway’, of timber ribs.

We become aware of the environment; a space between lough and Isle. The senses are heightened. A greater sense of enclosure is felt, the coarse surface of the blocks and the scent of the cut timber is palpable.

With each step the blocks slowly rotate and move further apart. The peace of the Isle is gradually revealed. Views open, light comes in and the enclosure unfurls into the bee loud glade, where peace comes dropping slow.