Cold Dog



Bahlsen Butter Biscuits
500g Cocoa
8 Eggs
300g Sugar
500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 glass Single Malt Whisky

Create a rectilinear mould to suit the cumulative dimensions of your chosen biscuits (we’ve used Bahlsen Butterkeks, but you could use Rich Tea). The ‘cold dog’ will need to fit into your fridge and unless you have a chest freezer, we suggest that you make the dimensions of the dog less than 400mm long.

Create a chocolate sauce with the cocoa, oil and whisky. Alternatively, you could use Nutella if you are under the age of 18. Lay a strip of biscuits into the mould. Pour the sauce over the first layer so that the level of the sauce is only a millimetre or 2 above the biscuit. Repeat until the mould is full and refrigerate, or freeze well prior to serving.

To serve, remove the mould and cut into thin slices. Don’t eat too much at once, or you will be unwell!

Recipe and photo supplied by Dominik Hauser and Berend Frenzel.