Atrium Installation






When attending the prestigious summer event, you enter the foyer to glimpse a series of drifting coloured planes within the atrium. Taking the staircase to the lower level you encounter these planes at their lowest point, witnessing them branching out to fill the atrium.

It is a dynamic yet simple piece, creating much from relatively few components. Sitting on the borders of engineering and art the installation is a commentary on how the physical qualities of a space can alter both its atmosphere and the building user’s day to day experience. The coloured fabric elements shift in the rising air currents, altering sound and simultaneously framing and screening views. As the light levels change from day to night the transparency and tones of the material are reflected and transformed by the surrounding glass panels. These changes  are experienced at all levels within the atrium.

The steel cables and fabric sheets are pre-fabricated to expedite construction. After the life of the installation each of the constituent parts can be recycled or re-used, or perhaps  the installation will have new life, travelling the world to be reconfigured within other projects.