Arman Alma-Ata

Exhibition of Almaty's Architectural Heritage

Arman Alma-Ata_Forbes 04Arman Alma-Ata_Buro 247_02Arman Alma-Ata_Buro 257_03

Arman Alma-Ata_Buro 247_04Arman Alma-Ata was the first Kazakshtani multimedia exhibition to celebrate the outstanding architectural heritage of Almaty.

The exhibition recreated the atmosphere of opportunity, that the new city once presented with it’s fresh water in aryks, elegant architecture, and apple orchards.

Archives were searched, and the forgotten documentation of the city was collated from A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts, Central State Archive of Cinema and Photography and Central State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation.

The exhibition was developed in collaboration with musician and film producer Akmaral Zykaeva.