Ark Hive





05-arkhiveFrom recycled timber groins to old railway carriages the long tradition of reuse can be seen all along the Lincolnshire coast. It is our intention to adopt this process of reuse for the twenty first century beach hut. The shipping container fulfils this role perfectly.

Apart from the physical attributes of the shipping container – security, simplicity, and an ability to withstand robust oceanic conditions – it also evokes something else in our minds. It has a special relation to the sea, it reminds us that we are an island and our existence is connected to, and to an extent dependent on, trade. It has a past and an anonymity which attracts a curiosity and fascination – a twenty first century treasure chest.

The treasure concealed within our container is an archive of Lincolnshire folk songs. A tradition of song inspired by the land and seascapes of the region, intertwined with the lives and concerns of the local people. As with all treasure, there are hidden clues to the nature of the container’s contents and its means of access. The clues here will take the form of text on the external envelope.

The casual glance will not divulge much in terms of its purpose or content, however, a closer inspection will reveal some small clues subtly applied to the outer skin – but where is the key?

Once found, the key will not only unlock a beach hut with its usual collection of beach ware, deckchairs, windbreaks, buckets, spades, stove and kettle. It will also open up a series of sliding planes which will double the size of the container. These sliding planes can be used for seating, windbreaks, solar shading, or privacy.

The container will also contain a small library of local folk songs for the inhabitants to enjoy between cups of hot chocolate and the ebb and flow of the tide.