Thorpe Lodge

Restoration and Extension

This project with Holland Park School will create new space from old. It has given us an opportunity to explore in detail how we work with historic buildings to make them fit for contemporary use.
The Grade II-listed Thorpe Lodge stands on the edge of Holland Park in London. It is the only survivor from a group of seven grand houses built in this part of the Phillimore estate.
Built in 1816 it has had several distinguished residents, including the Victorian portrait artist Henry Tanworth Wells and, still the longest serving Governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman.
Norman remodelled and extended the lodge between 1904-1911 in an eclectic international Arts and Crafts style. It became part of Holland Park school in 1956 and is well worn after 60 years of school use.
We have been studying in detail the history of the building, and the decisions made by Norman for the interior. By taking a sensitive approach to its restoration, it will be possible to return some of the character to the building, as well as making it more accessible, legible and better connected to the main part of the school. The proposals cover the buildings restoration, a new porter’s Lodge and the addition of an Art Studio.